Flower Subscriptions

Freshen up your space with a beautiful bouquet EVERY WEEK!

Why get a flower subscription

Flowers are proven to elevate the mood, lower anxiety, increase productivity and energy.  Bringing our fresh flowers into your home, office or giving as a thoughtful gift is sure to bring a positive vibe to you  or someone you care about.   

A bouquet subscription is perfect for:

  • A unique gift for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, house warming or just saying thank you!
  • Business owners looking to add a welcoming touch to their office, restaurant or studio
  • Real estate agents for open houses, home staging and closing gifts
  • Anyone who enjoys fresh flowers in their home or gifting loved ones, friends or associates

How does it work?

Every week on Wednesdays you will pick up a fresh bouquet at your chosen pick up location for a set number of weeks.  We offer a discount on full season purchases or you can purchase one month at a time.  But remember, you pick up every week for the month you subscribe for. The flowers included in your bouquets vary with the season. 

Our flowers are thoughtfully arranged, put in a floral sleeve.  Our pick up locations this year are Straw Hat Farm Market and Bluecorn Cafe and Mercantile.

If you are out of town or not available to pick up a bouquet during your subscription period, you can gift your bouquet to a friend or family member by having them pick up the bouquet for you.


Bouquets will be available for pick-up Wednesdays from 1pm to 5:30pm at:

Bluecorn Cafe & Mercantile  Montrose, CO 81401

Straw Hat Farm Market 514 S 1st St, Montrose, CO 81401

If you don’t pick up your bouquet on Wednesday you will have until the end of regular business hours on Friday (5:30pm) to pick it up.  It is best to send someone in your place to pick up your bouquet so that it doesn’t sit in the floral sleeve too long.

*IMPORTANT* We will not be able to offer a refund or extend the bouquet to the following week.  BOUQUETS NOT PICKED UP BY FRIDAY WILL BE SOLD PER THE AGREEMENT WITH THE HOST STORE.  Sorry, we cannot hold your bouquet for you until the following week or give you two the following week.   History has shown that bouquets that have not been picked up by Friday sit in their wrapping too long and go to waste.

It is best to send someone to pick up a bouquet in your place if you can’t pick up on Wednesday.



We are not able to accommodate deliveries for subscriptions at this time.